This teaching of Dispensationalism effectively denies Christ's total abrogation of the Old Covenant at the cross.
What some Christians see as a contradiction really isn't one.
"All things" encompasses not only the redemption of believers, but of the entire creation, when Christ returns.
In the original Greek, this passage tells us that God will "re-gather together in one all things in Christ."
The "fullness of the times" describes when Christ will come again.
Ephesians 1:7-10 describes the glorious climax of God's eternal plan of redemption in Christ.
It does not mean, as one Dispensationalist spokesman puts it, dissecting God's Word like a human cadaver.
The definition of any theological term must agree with Scripture, and the Dispensationalists' definition of a dispensation fails this test.
Dispensationalists' varying and conflicting answers reveal the essential problem of Dispensationalism.
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