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"For the time will come when they
will not endure sound doctrine"
2 Timothy 4:3
Do you ever wonder why the Evangelical church seems increasingly ineffectual in our time, while societies deteriorate around the globe, and aggressive Islam, resurgent Roman Catholicism, secular humanism, and the New Atheism are making great gains?
We believe the answer is quite straightforward. In our time, much of the Evangelical church has become
  • The church unplugged - disconnected from the only source of truth and authority, the Word of God
  • The church uncertain - unsure of what it believes, unable to articulate and defend even the core truths of the Christian faith
  • The church ineffectual - unarmed and un-armored for spiritual warfare against the enemies of the truth, and unprepared to carry out Christ's Great Commission to evangelize the world and edify the saints.
Compelling evidence supports this picture, and points to the solution. Read more
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