Theology: The Doctrine of God

Jesus stated many reasons why He came into the world, and they remind us of why He has sent us into the world.
A reader asks, "I understand that Jesus never sinned. But was the 'human side' of Jesus capable of committing sin?"
Passages used to support this view actually teach that all believers in Christ receive the Holy Spirit at conversion.
Often Christians tend to think that if we don't have certain feelings, it means the Holy Spirit is not at work.
Some cults, and even some modern-day evangelicals, teach that the Holy Spirit, though perhaps somehow "divine", is an impersonal force.
Scripture clearly teaches the existence and deity of God the Holy Spirit.
Although these terms not found in the Bible itself, they express key Biblical truth about what Christ did for sinners.
Sinners who believe on Him are not saved on the installment plan. The debt is "paid in full!"
According to reliable surveys, nearly half of all self-described Evangelical adults believe Jesus committed sin while on earth.
Much of contemporary preaching over-emphasizes Jesus' humanity and dangerously diminishes or even denies His deity.
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