Theology: The Doctrine of God

We come now to the climatic point of Scripture's declarations of the deity of Christ.
Scripture declares that Christ is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, the Performer of miracles, and the Forgiver of His creatures' sins.
Scripture ascribes to Jesus Christ the attributes that only God can have. Today we begin to examine nine of them.
Many Christians are surprised to find that the Old Testament contains some of Scripture's strongest declarations of the deity of Jesus Christ.
The pages of the Gospel of John declare Christ "the I AM."
"The whole of my life stood open to His view from the beginning. He foresaw my every fall, my every sin, my every backsliding; yet, nevertheless, fixed His heart upon me. Oh, how the realization of this should bow me in wonder and worship before Him!"
"God's knowledge of the future is as complete as is His knowledge of the past and the present, and that is because the future depends entirely upon Himself."
"Neither the darkness of night, the closest curtains, nor the deepest dungeon can hide any sinner from the eyes of Omniscience."
As we begin a new year in the midst of a world gone mad, Christians can find great comfort and encouragement in the infinite knowledge of God.
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